Urocholum - natural tea from 100% herbal extract of urocalun, aimed at eliminating renal colic, removing stones and sand from the kidneys, gallbladder and bladder.

    Urocaloon is an evergreen tree belonging to the legume family, widely used in Japan in urology. The substances included in Urocholum stimulate blood circulation in the tissues of the kidneys and liver, have choleretic activity, have a bactericidal effect and improve the tone of the muscles of the gallbladder. And by stimulating the excretion of uric acid, they help to remove sand from the kidneys.

    Indications for use:

    • Elimination of renal colic
    • Urolithiasis, with the formation of calcium - oxalate stones.
    • Renal inflammation relief (nephritis)
    • Painless destruction and removal of stones from the kidneys and urethra, preventing their further formation
    • Urination acceleration.

    How to use: 2 bags of tea ( 10 grams) pour 400 - 600 ml of boiling water and wait 5-7 minutes until the tea is brewed. Tea can be drunk both hot and chilled with the addition of ice. It is recommended to drink tea daily until the symptoms of renal colic disappear.

    Package: 20 individual bags of 5 grams

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