TAURUS Chewable Teeth Sticks, pack

    Natural sticks to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Prevent the appearance of plaque on the teeth and the appearance of periodontal disease. For pets (dogs) older than 5 months who already have permanent teeth. Give your dog after meals or before bed. Hold the stick in your hand while alternating left and right chewing sides.

    Ingredients: Cow skin, pig skin, tapioca starch, rice flour, calcium carbonate, vitamin E, glycerin, catechin, rutin, sorbic acid K
    Composition of soft sticks : protein 43.4%, fat: 3.3%, fiber: less than 0.1%, woody Charcoal: 5.7% Moisture: 26.2% 1%, charcoal:: 8.6% , moisture: 8.3%

    Package: 60 g (14 sticks) * 2 pcs

    Variants: Hard sticks and soft sticks
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