Natural reusable heating pad designed to relax the eyes, with tired eyes and after a long work at the computer, contains only red and green adzuki beans. Considering that adzuki beans heat up quite quickly and are able to keep warm for a long time, a completely natural heating pad was created by a Japanese company. Green and red beans are placed in a comfortable fabric mask, which is nice to put on tired eyes after working at the computer, reading and driving a car.

    How to use: Take out the heating pad from a sealed bag, install the heating pad with the colored side down and heat it at the following power in the microwave:
    500W 40 seconds or 600W 30 seconds. Soft warmth combined with pleasant heaviness give a feeling of relaxation and peace. In addition, the beans, when heated, release a pleasant aroma, which makes moments of relaxation even more pleasant.

    The heating pad is designed for approximately 250 uses.

    Not recommended for use in inflammation of the eyes and severe damage to the skin and mucous membranes. Do not use a damaged heating pad.

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