Yakushima Four Types of Turmeric Extract - Turmeric is grown on the southern Japanese island of Yakushima by a private farmer. Yakushima is the island with the highest humidity in Japan. Humidity levels are very important when growing turmeric. The supplement contains a mix of 4 types of turmeric: purple turmeric extract, spring and autumn turmeric, medicinal turmeric. When growing turmeric, the manufacturer absolutely does not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

    Turmeric supplementation is recommended to be taken at least once a year. This leads to a reduction in inflammatory processes in the body, liver diseases, and a decrease in the risk of biliary diseases.

    The main properties of turmeric:
    • Turmeric is a safe natural antibiotic, because, unlike many pharmaceutical drugs, it does not disrupt the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and liver. Curcumin contributes to the prevention of respiratory diseases (tonsillitis, pharyngitis).
    • The natural anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric are great for headaches and migraines, stopping attacks. Turmeric is recommended for inflammatory processes in the respiratory tract.
    • Curcumin prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels, reduces the risk of blood clots, and strengthens the heart muscle. Curcumin stimulates the growth of red blood cells and contains iron, which allows it to be included in the diet to treat and prevent iron deficiency anemia.
    Ingredients: Turmeric extract 97% (purple turmeric 40%, spring turmeric 20%, autumn turmeric 20, medicinal turmeric 20%)
    Packaging: 1 tablet - 0.2 g, 300 tablets (for 2 months)

    Contraindications: If there are stones larger than 5 mm in the gallbladder, as well as people with individual intolerance to the product. Frequent use of turmeric is not recommended for pregnant women and children under the age of five.
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