• Weltec ConCool Reperio Toothpaste for sensitive teeth and gums - relieves bleeding gums, helps restore and strengthen tissues, strengthens and "tightens" the gums, reducing sensitivity.

      Recommended for periodontal disease , excessive sensitivity of teeth and gums, for the prevention of gingivitis, bad breath, for the prevention of caries.

      The main and main component is conchiolin - a complex protein that forms the outer layer of the shell of mollusks (remember mother of pearl in a pearl shell? it is).
      Conchiolin acts on gum cells, activates them, increasing the amount of collagen and elastin and thus provides elasticity to the gums and helps to restore and strengthen them.

      Sodium chloride strengthens and tightens the gums, contributing to a closer fit to the teeth.

      Does not contain foaming agents, has a slightly salty, mild mint taste.

      Ingredients: concentrated glycerin, hydrolyzed conchiolin, angelica root extract, vitamin E, eggshell membrane, peppermint oil, L-menthol.

      Volume: 80gr

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