TSUJIRI Three grades of Japanese tea in granular form, packaged in individual sachets. Instant tea.

    The package contains three types of Japanese tea: hojicha, uji matcha and genmaicha.

    Hojicha is a traditional Japanese green roasted tea for the cold season. Thanks to roasting, shades of dark chocolate and almonds appear in the taste. Roasted tea is practically free of caffeine and tannin, so it is great for both children and adults. A good choice for getting to know the Japanese tea tradition and everyday tea drinking during the cold season. In addition, there is an opinion that hojicha is low in caffeine, so it can be drunk by children and the elderly, as well as shortly before bedtime.

    Genmacha - a type of green tea with fried rice. Lightly toasted rice grains soften the pungency of fresh Japanese sencha (green tea), and genmacha warms you up nicely in cold weather. This tea is suitable for evening tea drinking, as it has a not too strong tonic effect. Genmacha will not only quench your thirst, but also a slight hunger.

    Uji Matcha is a type of green tea from Uji Prefecture. Pairs well with sushi.

    Package: 90 sachets, 30 sachets of each type
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