Supplement for every day, powder type, for the health of the gastrointestinal tract or to support the musculoskeletal system of the animal.
    • Natto inhibits the development of not only pathogenic, but also conditionally pathogenic microbes: streptococci, staphylococci, and also increases the animal's immunity.
    • To enhance the therapeutic effect contains oligosaccharides that inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients from food
    • Glucosamine to support the musculoskeletal system of babies and juniors, with diseases of the joints, spine, insufficient bone density in animals of any age.

    Dosage per day (depending on pet's weight):
    • Puppies and kittens up to 10 kg - one measuring spoon.
    • Adult animals up to 25 kg - two scoops per day,
    • Animals over 25 kg - three scoops per day.

    Powder type supplement, it can be added to dry food or given separately from food. Spoon included.

    Ingredients: starch, cornstarch, skimmed milk powder, powdered sugar, glucosamine, natto powder, oligosaccharides.

    Pack: 30 g (for 120 days at a daily dosage of 1 spoon per day, for 60 days at a daily dosage of 2 spoons per day)

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