SHISEIDO REVITAL Essence for the neck and décolleté area - has a healing effect and gives the skin of the neck a smooth, delicate look, has a rejuvenating effect. Moisture instantly penetrates the skin, restoring its structure.

    Moisturizer: NS VITALIZER (acenyaku extract) instantly penetrating deep into the skin, the product does not leave oil on its surface; saturates the skin with moisture, gives it elasticity, a moisturizing film restores the structure of the skin, smoothes it; prevents skin damage due to daily exposure to dryness and ultraviolet radiation; with regular use of the product, roughness disappears on the skin, it becomes perfectly smooth.

    How to use: is applied at the end of the evening skin care routine after cleansing; take a drop of the product on the fingertip of the right hand, apply to the left half of the neck and drive in large circular movements from the center to the side with the entire surface of the fingers of the right hand. Continue to drive until the product is completely absorbed; Do the same on the right side, then massage the area from the chin to the ears with lifting movements with 4 fingers of both hands. cap the vial carefully after use.

    Volume: 75g

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