• Shiseido Elixir Superieur Lift Moist Lotion Moisturizing lotion contains:

      ● soluble collagen - developed by Shiseido Science Technology - for deep hydration and bouncy firmness of the skin.
      ● tranexamic acid - as a preventive measure against inflammation, skin roughness, for an even tone and smoothness of the skin
      ● yeast extract, which perfectly saturates the skin with oxygen and regulates the water-fat balance of the skin, preventing oily sheen and dehydration.
      ● a complex of rosemary oil, watercress and the amino acid L-arginine restores the lipid layer of the skin and effectively tones the skin

      Lotion Elixir Superieur Lifting Moisture Lotion is not watery and its density differs depending on whom it is intended for. For oily skin, the lotion is light in texture, for dry skin it is more dense. Absorbed quickly, the result of the application is noticeable after a week. Has a relaxing floral scent. To achieve a more pronounced result, we recommend using it together with the


      Moisturizing lotion Elixir Superieur Lifting Moisture Lotion is available in 3 types for different skin types.

      I for oily and combination skin
      II for normal and combination skin
      III for dry skin

      Volume: 170ml

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