Professional hair care line contains the proprietary Adenosine component, which acts on the hair follicles and stimulates their growth. Does not cause addiction and side effects, has long been popular as a remedy for hair loss and baldness. Designed to combat hair loss as a result of diseases and after childbirth, with age-related hair loss. Activates hair follicles, promotes density, density, accelerates growth and increases the volume of growing hair. Relieves itching, dry dandruff, eliminates unpleasant odor from hair.

    Suitable for the prevention and control of hair loss from various causes and improves hair growth at any age. Compatible with any treatment, suitable for sensitive scalp.

    Effect of application: revitalizes the scalp, eliminates unpleasant odor, increases root volume, stimulates growth, reduces hair breakage.

    The essence is suitable for frequent use. Apply morning and evening, about 20 pumps per spray dispenser, massage over the scalp.

    Vial: 180ml

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