SHISEIDO Adenovital Lash Serum

    Energy Actions:

    • stimulates and enhances eyelash growth
    • increases the length of
    • renews the growth of eyelashes on the lower eyelid
    • adds thickness to even naturally sparse lashes
    • strengthens and restores eyelashes weakened from frequent use of mascara.

    Main ingredients: jujube (Chinese date) extract and arginine.

    Usage: Very handy applicator. It is necessary to apply along the contour of the eyelid, in the morning and in the evening. With daily use, it will last for 60 days of use.

    Suitable for the care of extended and curled eyelashes, hypoallergenic.

    Does not contain any aggressive substances, the only active ingredient is nutmeg extract, which strengthens hair follicles.

    Volume: 6 ml

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