PROPOLINSE Children's Mouthwash is a unique mouthwash. Children's option.

    Dirt and bad breath is caused by a protein found in leftover food. The mouthwash has the property of curdling the protein left in the mouth. After you rinse your mouth with PROPOLINSE Propolis Rinse you will be able to assess the state of cleanliness in your mouth.

    Left: rinse aid, right: after use (food leftovers, plaque clot)

    The rinse contains propolis extract and tea leaf extract. The rinse aid tastes slightly sour.

    Instructions for use: After eating, after brushing your teeth, rinse your mouth for 20-30 seconds. One rinse - 10-15 ml rinse aid (half cap). The rinse does not contain alcohol, so it is recommended to take the whole family - adults and children.

    Vial: 400ml

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