Drink of longevity and youth. Prepared from 100% young shoots of barley. The drink has a complex composition, rich in vitamins, trace elements and amino acids.

    Gold Series differs from the regular series in that barley leaves are processed within 24 hours of harvest. This allows you to save even more useful substances.

    Drink improves immunity; stimulates the production of red blood cells; activates the process of removing toxins and toxins; increases vitality. This is a great way to gently cleanse your body. The content of enzymes and chlorophyll contribute to the smooth flow of detoxification of the body.

    The presence of iron and chlorophyll favorably affects the functioning of the circulatory system, thanks to which oxygen enters all parts of the body. Barley shoots promote efficient digestion, increase peristalsis, and eliminate constipation.

    Who is the product useful for?

    • For people with high blood cholesterol For overweight people For people with diabetes For people with blood pressure problems (sudden drops)
    • For people who cannot eat foods rich in vitamins and fiber

    One serving of the Aojiru drink will provide you with the daily norm of the necessary nutrients: dietary fiber - 1.3 gr., sodium - 0.8 mg., B vitamins - 1.20 mg., vitamin C - 1.1 ml., vitamin E - 0.23 gr., carotene - 525 mg., folic acid - 16 mg., nicotinic acid - 0.1 mg., calcium - 15 mg., magnesium - 5 mg., potassium - 72 mg., phosphorus - 12 mg., zinc - 0.1 mg, copper - 0.03 mg, manganese 0.08 mg, selenium - 0.162 mg, chromium - 2 mg, iodine - 0.78 mg, polyphenols - 21 mg.

    Dilute one sachet in a glass of milk or yogurt. It can also be added to tea or coffee as the powder has a slight sweet taste.

    Package: 46 sachets or 90 sachets of your choice

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