Recommended choice for those who tend to eat out often, like fast food, do not control calories. With this way of eating, the correct vitamins and useful elements practically do not enter the body. The drink improves immunity; stimulates the production of red blood cells; activates the process of removing toxins and toxins; increases vitality.

    Powder (1 teaspoon) is diluted in cold or warm water, milk, juice 100-200 gr. and drink like a cocktail. Do not use hot liquid.

    Adults are advised to take aojira on an empty stomach and increase their water intake to 6 glasses per day. Children under 5 years old, 1/2 to 1 teaspoon daily.
    Powder can also be added to salads or other non-cooked meals. If you are consuming aojira for dietary purposes, then it is recommended to drink it before dinner. It is better not to drink at night, as fiber actively promotes bowel function.

    Composition per 100 g: dietary fiber 29.9 g, calcium 2122 mg, potassium 2005 mg, iron 5.8 mg, vitamin C 466 mg, vitamin E 16.1 mg, vitamin B2 1.3 mg, vitamin B1 0.6 mg, vitamin A 0.432 mg

    Storage method:avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, store in a cool place.

    Package: 200g
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