Water-soluble oil in granules, created using freeze-drying technology. This is an additional very pleasant fragrance for linen, which does not disappear like a conditioner in 1-2 hours, but accompanies washed items for a very long and long time (both during storage in the wardrobe and during use of clothes).

    Two kinds:
    • Relaxing scent of blue sea and fresh air (fragrance mix: jasmine, rose, violet, lily, vanilla, carnation, wood, citrus, peach, pineapple.
    • Floral fragrance (lemon, orange, alpinia, gardenia, rose, vegetal white musk, amber, woods)

    How to use: based on 1 kg of laundry, 12 ml of granules are needed, pour into the drum with laundry at the beginning of washing and wash as usual with the addition of the usual powder and conditioner.
    Volume: 455 ml per pack (250g)
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