KOSE Hyaluronic Acid Face Mask - Contains hyaluronic acid, Japanese mineral spring water and a complex of plant extracts. The mask stimulates metabolic processes, whitens and brightens age spots on the face. Tightens the oval of the face and makes the skin moisturized, firm and elastic. Extracts included in the mask: Saxifrage extract - eliminates age spots and freckles, prevents their appearance, restores the skin surface; Arnica flower extract - has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect. Improves skin tone; Hamamelis extract - has a bactericidal effect. Strengthens the walls of blood vessels and capillaries, narrows pores, eliminates puffiness; Yarrow extract - has an anti-inflammatory effect, restores skin cells; Ivy extract - enhances blood microcirculation in the capillaries, improves tone and strengthens the walls of blood vessels Grape leaf extract - moisturizes, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, improves blood circulation, prevents cell aging; Horse chestnut fruit extract - has anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effect. Helps improve tissue nutrition. Protects the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals, slowing down the process of its premature aging; Horsetail extract - has an anti-inflammatory and astringent effect. Removes toxins, smoothes the surface of the skin. Stimulates the production of collagen. Tightens pores, strengthens the walls of blood vessels; Hop extract is a powerful biostimulator. Improves water and fat metabolism in skin cells, increases elasticity, smoothes wrinkles; Pine needle extract - tones, regulates blood circulation. Strong antioxidant. Softens, has a bactericidal effect; Lemon extract - cleanses, tightens pores, whitens; Rosemary extract - improves blood circulation in the vessels, removes toxins, eliminates swelling, tightens pores. How to use: Apply the mask on a cleansed face, spread evenly, press firmly against the skin. Remove after 15-20 minutes. Do not rinse off the rest of the cosmetic essence, let it soak into the skin. Packing: 5 pieces Does not contain fragrances, dyes and mineral oils. Suitable for all skin types.
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