FANCL SkinCare Base BrightUP SPF 35 Make-up base is an all-in-one skin care product that combines makeup base, sun protection and mattifying cream. Functions embedded in

    FANCL SkinCare Base BrightUP SPF 35 Make-up base: creates a smooth and hydrated surface, evens out skin tone, slightly dulling pigmentation and freckles providing a light-reflecting effect, skin imperfections (enlarged pores) are smoothed.

    With FANCL SkinCare Base BrightUP SPF 35 Makeup Base, your skin radiates a natural glow, skin color is natural and uniform. Thanks to the components of the mountain cornflower extract and a derivative of vitamin C (VC vitamin), the skin color is evened out.

    The main benefits of VC vitamin are to reduce the formation of melanin, highly effective skin whitening, restore skin cell activity, increase collagen protein. Possessing a lipophilic and hydrophilic structure. VC vitamin has a very high skin compatibility, due to which it has an excellent ability to be absorbed by the skin and penetrate into the dermis of the skin.

    Volume: 24 ml (about 90 applications)

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