Dry shiitake mushroom (Kyushu island), 70 g They can be used to prepare stews, grilled dishes, fried dishes, as ingredients for soups.
    Grown by local Japanese farmers who hand sort, temperature control and dry.

    Benefits of Shiitake Mushroom:
    • Mushrooms contain eritadenine (found only in shiitake mushrooms), which reduces bad cholesterol levels in the blood and also works to increase normal cholesterol levels. Erytadenine also lowers blood pressure.
    • Vitamin D contained in shiitake mushrooms is useful for people who rarely go out into the sun to replenish their vitamin D reserves. 100 grams of mushrooms contain 12.5 mcg of Vitamin D.
    • Shiitake also contains B vitamins, which are important for healthy metabolism and healthy nerves. In addition, the medicinal shiitake mushroom promotes the development and reproduction of important probiotic bacteria in the intestines and thus fights harmful bacteria.
    • Mushrooms are rich in fiber, which absorbs bad cholesterol and carcinogens and removes them from the body.
    Before use, dried shiitake mushrooms should be soaked for about four hours in warm water. After soaking, they swell and become soft. Now you can fry and cook shiitake. And use the water in which they were soaked as a base for sauce or soup broth, in such water there are a lot of useful and nutritious substances.

    Energy value (100g): 182 Kcal, Proteins: 19.3 g. Fats: 3.7 g. Carbs: 63g

    Weight: 70g
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