• Dr.Ci:Labo Super Keana Hydrophilic Oil - 100% plant-derived oil that removes any makeup, even waterproof mascara. Does not irritate the skin, cleanses clogged pores, tightens them and makes the skin smooth and soft, retains moisture in the skin, leaves it hydrated and supple.

      Contains AHA acids that renew the skin by removing dead cells, give a light peeling effect, give smoothness and softness. A generous amount of hyaluronic acid and collagen in the composition intensively moisturize the skin and give elasticity. Labo Labo Super-Keana Oil Cleansing also includes ingredients that narrow pores: rose hip extract, artichoke leaf extract, witch hazel extract, watercress extract.

      To use: Apply a small amount of oil (3-4 pumps) to the face and gently massage until the oil dissolves makeup. Then rinse it off with plenty of warm water.

      Ingredients: witch hazel leaf extract, artichoke leaf extract, lactic acid, malic acid, Na hyaluronic acid, soluble collagen, aloe vera, leaf extract, tea leaf extract, rosehip oil , grapefruit oil, orange oil, tocopherol, water, BG, glycerin, citric acid, lecithin.

      Does not contain fragrances, dyes, mineral oils, parabens, alcohol.

      Volume: 110ml

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