• DENTLACT Lactobacillus Toothpaste is a therapeutic toothpaste from the well-known Japanese corporation Lactis, B&S Corporation.

      DENTLACT Toothpaste with lactobacilli maintains the balance of bacteria in the oral cavity, inhibits the growth of pathogenic microflora, preventing the development of caries, bleeding, gum disease and plaque formation. Use daily for oral hygiene and effective protection against plaque, gum redness, gum bleeding, gum swelling, tartar, bad breath, tongue plaque, cavities, periodontitis, etc.

      DENTLACT Toothpaste with lactobacilli does not foam when brushing teeth, tastes slightly salty.

      How to use: Use morning and evening to brush your teeth. It is also recommended that after brushing your teeth, apply DentLact paste to problem areas (for example, affected gums), massage lightly and after a while time to rinse with warm water. Works very well in tandem with ionic toothbrushes.

      Ingredients: Ca carbonate (cleaning agent), water, glycerin (humectant), sea salt (astringent), sorbitol (humectant), cellulose gum (binder), xylitol (sweetener), lactobacillus /soybean seed fermentation extract (base material), lactic acid (pH regulator), glycyrrhizic acid 2K (flavoring agent), ethanol, finoxyethanol (antiseptic).

      Volume: 70 g

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