Gel made from natural herbal ingredients to get rid of cellulite crust, burning unnecessary fat deposits on the body. The gel contains red pepper extract and ginger rhizome extract. Indications for use: cellulite, rough skin. Due to the moisturizing component in the composition, the gel softens the skin.

    Action CULURI HOT GEL Anti-Cellulite Hot Gel:
    • activates blood flow and stimulates the movement of lymph, contributing to the timely removal of decay products and excess fluid from cells;
    • saturates the skin with nutrients and moisture, restoring its elasticity;
    • helps normalize metabolism.
    Capsaicin - found in hot peppers or "chili peppers", which are known for their taste and are used as an addition to food on their own or in the form of seasonings. It has a burning effect on the skin, as a fat burner acts through adrenaline receptors, rapidly increasing heat release (thermogenic effect). It is used as a weight loss agent, anti-inflammatory agent.

    Application: Apply the gel with massage movements on the problem area of ​​the body (buttocks, legs, arms, thighs, abdomen, etc. .P) . The feeling of warmth comes in 5-10 minutes after application and lasts about 30 minutes. Rinse off the gel is not required, but if you experience discomfort, wash off the remaining gel.
    At the first application, apply a small amount to ensure you are not allergic to any of the gel ingredients.

    Ingredients: Water, PG, PEG-20 sorbitan coconut ester, ethanol, capsicum extract, ginger extract, hyaluronic acid, lemongrass, sage extract, leaf extract rosemary, olive oil, jojoba oil, sodium chondroitin sulfate, glycolic acid, carbomer, glycerin, ethylhexyl glycerin, tocopherol, c hydroxide, EDTA-2Na, phenoxyethanol, caramel

    Vial: 140 g
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