ASAHI Slim Up Slim Corn Soup not only helps to lose weight, but also fills the body with health and beauty. It consists of components that help block excess calories, restore proper metabolism and preserve natural beauty. A very simple and tasty diet - just add water and the product is ready to eat. Completely replaces one meal.

    ASAHI Slim Up Slim Corn Soup contains 45 kinds of nutritional and healthy ingredients, including a record amount of collagen, as well as beauty components - hyaluronic acid, Q10

    Ingredients (per daily dose): Sweet corn, collagen (gelatin), milk protein, dietary fat, salt, onion extract, apple extract, milk derivatives, extract brewer's yeast, spices, coenzyme Q10, oligosaccharides, citric acid, hyaluronic acid, folic acid.
    Energy value: 45 g (two scoops): 170 kcal.

    Recommended for use: for weight loss strengthen immunity improve bowel function to maintain youthful skin to compensate for vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

    How to use: For three meals a day, replace one meal with Slim Up Slim Asahi. Add hot water (70-140 ml) to one or two scoops of the product (a scoop is included), mix well.

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