• APAGARD Apagard Standard M Plus Toothpaste, 125 g

      Prophylactic whitening toothpaste with a high content of nano-hydroxyapatite (nano-mHAP) and pearl extract. Hydroxyapatite is the main component of dental tissue, the violation of which leads to caries. According to the manufacturer, the hydroxyapatite particles used in the paste are nano-sized, therefore they are able to integrate into the broken structure of the enamel, restoring it. The paste also contains conchiolin - a horn-shaped organic protein-type substance that forms the outer layer of the shell of mollusks and the framework of pearls. Thus, this substance additionally mineralizes and calcifies tooth enamel, whitens and strengthens it.


      • contains nano-medical hydroxyapatite (nano) to protect against caries
      • includes pearl conchiolin for stronger teeth
      • large package for family use
      • fluorine free
      • does not contain abrasive ingredient

      Has a light mint flavor.

      Volume: 125g
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