• APAGARD Apagard Premio Toothpaste, 100g - Prophylactic whitening toothpaste with a high content of nano-hydroxyapatite (nano-mHAP) and pearl extract. Hydroxyapatite is the main mineral of bone tissue and hard tissues of the tooth. Hydroxyapatite is used to restore damaged areas of tooth enamel, as well as the bioactive layer of the tooth.

      Additionally, the paste contains additives for the effective removal of plaque, cleans and polishes the surface of the teeth, evens out microdamages, fills in microcracks in the enamel, has an antimicrobial effect, complementing the natural mechanisms of protection of the oral cavity. Licorice root extract and cetylpyridinium chloride have an active anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect, moisturize the oral mucosa.

      Volume: 100g

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