CellCare 5G Revita Cream contains 5 Growth Factors

    EGF :(Epidermal Growth Factor)
    FGF :(Fibroblast Growth Factor)
    IGF :(Insulin Like Growth Factor)
    TGF :(transforming growth factor)
    TRX :(thioredoxin)

    5 types of Growth Factors enhance the synthesis of new collagen, regulate and accelerate the growth and division of skin cells, stimulate the growth and division of cells, renew the epidermis; promote skin regeneration, prevent the appearance of wrinkles, improve cellular respiration, enhance skin metabolism.

    8 amino acids - lysine, threonine, serine, glutamic acid, glycine, arginine, alanine, proline - perfectly moisturize and tone the skin, providing lifting effect. These amino acids prevent the rapid aging of the skin, help strengthen the structure of the epidermis.

    Super hyaluronic acid has high moisturizing properties, can retain moisture in the skin 2 times better than conventional hyaluronic acid.
    The cream also contains a powerful component - water-soluble fullerene - a discovery in nanotechnology, an antioxidant that surpasses Vitamin C in terms of properties 125 times and synthesizes collagen in the skin 800 times more than the placenta.

    Other antioxidants: coenzyme Q10, lipoic acid.

    How to use: apply to the skin after applying any lotion with light massaging movements until it is completely absorbed.
    Try to use the cream within 2 months after opening.

    Vial: 40 gyr

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