A rich Japanese flavor supplement with plant-based protein, enzymes, fiber, potassium, B vitamins. Daily use of miso improves digestion, reduces the risk of cancer and is simply good for the skin. The miso flavor dissolves easily, so it can be added as a salad dressing, when marinating meat, chicken, or used to saturate the broth.

    Option (easy): Add one a tablespoon of powder and miso soup is ready. Optionally add dry seaweed.
    Option: Add to meat/vegetable broth at the rate of 200 ml of broth - one tablespoon of miso powder.

    Ingredients: organic rice, miso, organic dextrin, yeast extract, vegetable extract powder

    Packaging: 200g (or 25 servings of miso soup)

    Two flavors of your choice:
    • Vegetable flavor
    • Traditional Japanese kombu seaweed dashi

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