Absolute hit, rich flavor that combines miso, cream and sweet onions.
    Perfect for dining at home and in the office, as well as for relaxing outdoors , while traveling.

    To prepare, pour one serving of soup with 120 ml of boiling water.

    Dry fats and oils, onion powder, starch, miso powder, chicken extract powder, granulated sugar, whey protein concentrate powder, products made primarily from milk, protein hydrolyzate, salt, yeast extract, processed cheese products, garlic powder, ukimi (processed dried onions (onion, lactose, palm oil, soy sauce)) / seasoning (amino acids, etc.), emulsifier, trehalose, Na casein, processed starch, color (caramel, cutinashi), antioxidant (VE)), (some include wheat, dairy ingredients, soy and chicken)

    Nutrition value and calories per serving: 41 kcal, protein 1g, fat 2g, carbs 4.8g, salt 1g

    Pack ka: 20pcs (9.1g*20)
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