Japanese kelp called "kagome/gagome" is a kelp harvested from the Sea of ​​Japan. This type of kelp, like mozuku, is known for its high concentration of fucoidan. Fucoidan refers to a special type of polysaccharides that are able to stimulate the body to destroy "broken" cells that cause aggression of the immune system. Therefore, the regular use of algae with a high content of fucoidan stimulates the body for rapid cell regeneration, self-destruction of "bad" cells, rapid recovery of the body and strengthening of the immune system.

    YAMAMOTO Dried kelp kagome - is a quality Japanese product for people leading a healthy lifestyle.

    Preparation: Dried seaweed is very easy to prepare. It is enough to soak 3-5 grams of dried seaweed for 15 minutes in water at room temperature. And that's it. Kagome kombu seaweed is ready to eat. Add some soy sauce and a healthy product is ready. Other uses: add seaweed to ready-made soup, boiled rice, salad, scrambled eggs, and in fact, in any dish. Adding algae will not only add spice to your dish, but also increase the healthiness of your food at times.

    Package: 150g

    Shelf life of the package - 1 year Store in a cool, dry place, avoiding direct sunlight on the package.

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