Weltec Concool Gel Coat F is a gel toothpaste with 950ppm fluoride. For the prevention of caries, the prevention of gingivitis, prevents the occurrence of bad breath - relieves bleeding gums, helps restore and strengthen tissues, strengthens and "tightens" the gums, reducing sensitivity.

    The main and main component - conchiolin - a complex protein , which forms the outer layer of the shell of mollusks (remember the mother-of-pearl in the pearl shell? it is).
    Conchiolin acts on the gum cells, activates them, increasing the amount of collagen and elastin, and thereby ensures the elasticity of the gum and helps to restore and strengthen it.Sodium chloride strengthens and tightens the gums, promoting a closer fit to the teeth.

    Free from foaming agents and has a slightly salty, mild minty taste.

    Composition: Sodium fluoride (950 ppm fluorine), chlorhexidine hydrochloride (bactericidal agent), β-glycyrrhetinic acid (anti-inflammatory agent), sodium polyphosphate (chelating agent), xylitol ( sweetener)

    Volume: 90gr

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