Mozuku seaweed soup. Instant soups made from dried natural ingredients are very popular in Japan. They are created using a special sublimation technology, which is used in the production of food for astronauts. This method allows you to save 95% of minerals and vitamins, as well as the aroma and pronounced taste of the soup.

    Pack contains 5 individual bags of soup mix (five servings). The preparation is very simple. Pour the contents of the package with boiled water, 160 ml of water per individual package. Soup is ready.

    Ingredients: dried mozuku seaweed, mitsuba (japonica) leaves, yuzu (Japanese lemon), leek, sesame) soy sauce, salt, fermented seasoning, seasonings (amino acids, etc.) , antioxidant (vitamin E)

    Energy value (per serving): 9 kcal, protein 0.4g, fat 0.05g, carbohydrates 1.8g, sodium 465mg

    Pack: 5 servings

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