100% herbal tea made from Japanese loquat leaves from Kagoshima Prefecture.

    Japanese medlar is one of the earliest fruit crops, because blooms in autumn and winter, and ripens in early spring. Tea helps to strengthen the immune system, prevent thrombosis, and can also have a beneficial effect on the walls of blood vessels, provide anti-inflammatory, bactericidal. action. Therefore, it is often drunk for colds and joint problems.

    Preparation method:
    • One tea bag is brewed for 1 liter of water. Add one sachet to boiled water and simmer for 7-10 minutes.
    • Another option is to pour boiling water (500 ml) on one packet and wait 5 minutes. This option is less economical than the first one. It is suitable when it is not possible to brew tea on the stove.
    • Tea pairs perfectly with orange. Add a couple of orange slices to your tea
    Package: 80 sachets

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