Lifting essence with proteoglycans. With age, the quantity and quality of its own proteoglycans in the skin decreases, due to which the skin becomes flabby and appears ptosis, sagging. This essence contains 100% proteoglycan extract obtained from salmon from the island of Hokkaido (Japan). The essence is aimed at reducing the depth and severity of wrinkles, tightens and tightens the skin, provides facial skin turgor. Additionally, the essence instantly eliminates deep dryness, roughness of the skin, leaving no stickiness on the skin. . Gently tilt the vial over the palm of your hand, gently shake it up and down to get 2-3 drops of serum. Spread the serum evenly over the face, slapping on the face.

    Total composition: Water, BG, water-soluble proteoglycan, pentylene glycol

    Vial: 30ml

    Contains no synthetic fragrances, synthetic colors, ethanol, surfactants, mineral oils or preservatives.
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