Contains natural ingredients that help replenish nutritional deficiencies and, as a result, reduce the risk of eye diseases. The additive improves the condition of the mucous membrane of your pet's eye, has a calming effect, and normalizes the patency of the lacrimal canals.

    Ingredients: Calendula Extract, Blackcurrant Extract, Green Tea Extract, Papaya Powder, Vit E, Vit.C, Maltodextrin, Flavor.Daily dosage and method of application: Add to feed every morning and evening for 3 weeks. Not a veterinary drug. For animals older than 3 months.
    The daily allowance is calculated depending on the weight of the animal: Up to 10 kg - 1 scoop, up to 25 kg - 2 scoops, from 25 kg - 3 scoops

    Keep bag tightly closed to prevent moisture penetration.

    Weight: 25 gr. Measuring spoon included. Pack lasts from 2 weeks to 4 months (depending on weight)
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