Effectively calm dogs and cats without causing drowsiness.
    Suitable for anxiety in males during estrus in bitches, for calming at shows, in stressful situations, with fear of noise. Contains extracts of valerian, St. John's wort, incarnate passionflower, hops, fructose, purified water. course application, the effect is more pronounced and lasts longer. The recommended course is 1 month, permanent use is possible. For animals older than 1.5 months. Fully compatible with all types of feeding, other supplements and medicines. No side effects have been identified. Not a veterinary drug.

    Dosage: Animals up to 15 kg: 6-10 drops per day, Animals over 15 kg: 8-15 drops per day.

    Volume: 30 ml. The package is enough for 2 - 5 months of continuous use.
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