Taurus vitamin drink for older dogs and cats, for their health, joints and skin, balanced immunity, improved blood circulation, brain activity and general condition of dogs and cats. To improve the quality of life and general condition of elderly, debilitated, pets recovering from illnesses and operations. toxins, antioxidant, regulates the immune and digestive systems, protects the liver), glucosamine 1000 mg/g (increases the level of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) in the tissues of the joint. GAGs are a building material for the restoration of cartilage tissue, provide cartilage strength and increase the level of hyaluronic acid - the main component joint fluid), chondroitin (has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, prevents cartilage destruction, promotes cartilage hydration and restoration of the articular bag and cartilaginous surface of the joints), Ginkgo biloba (improves blood circulation, increases the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels, strengthens the heart muscle, normalizes metabolic processes, a powerful antioxidant ), extracts of clover, lychee, green tea, B vitamins, m royal jelly, glucose syrup, water.

    Indications for use:
    • old age
    • immunity reduction
    • degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system
    • circulatory disorders, heart disease
    • skin diseases
    • with general weakness of the animal, recovery from illnesses, operations, general poor condition.

    Application: Recommended course of 3 months or more. Does not depend on food intake. Divide the dosage into 2 doses. Fully compatible with all types of feeding, other supplements and medicines. No side effects have been identified. Not a veterinary drug.

    Dosage per day for animals older than 1.5 months and depends on the weight of the pet: From 1 to 10 kg - 3-6 drops, from 10 to 30 kg - 5-8 drops , over 30 kg - 7-12 drops
    During treatment, the dosage can be doubled.

    Vial: 100ml . Depending on the weight of the pet, the packaging is enough for 3-12 months.

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