Toothpaste for the care of the oral cavity of pets for every day. Contains abrasive particles that quickly and easily clean the mouth, preventing the appearance of plaque and tartar, the development of infections and bacteria in the oral cavity.

    Any pet will like chicken flavored paste.

    Indications for use:
    • tartar, plaque;
    • gingivitis, caries;
    • gum inflammation;
    • prevention of tartar, maintaining oral health.
    Ingredients: Sorbitol (wetting agent), silica (abrasive), glycerin (wetting agent), water (base), Ca carbonate (abrasive), cellulose gum (binder), Na polyphosphate (chelating agent) , trehalose (moisturizing agent) Agent), licorice extract (flavor), retinol palmitate (super fat agent), tocopherol (perfat agent), glycyrrhizic acid 2K (flavor), sodium benzoate (preservative), flavor
    Apply the paste to your toothbrush or tissue and wipe your pet's teeth and gums. There is no need to rinse the cavity after cleaning.

    Vial: 35g
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