Soothing drops, relieve fear, anxiety, nervousness and aggression of a pet. It is recommended to give the pet 2 hours before the situation, as well as on trips, with a long absence of the owner, in alarming situations.

    Ingredients: GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), chamomile extract, fructose, distilled water.

    Usage:.Completely compatible with all types of feeding, other supplements and medicines. No side effects have been identified. Not a veterinary drug.

    Dosage per day for animals older than 1.5 months and depends on the weight of the pet: For an animal weighing up to 15 kg, 6-10 drops per day. , animals over 15 kg, 8-15 drops per day.

    Bottle: 30 ml . Depending on the weight of the pet, the packaging is enough for 3-12 months.

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