Prophylactic lotion that controls the microflora of the auricle, restores and regenerates the skin of the ears, and eliminates unpleasant odors. Contains natural hinokitiol, which allows the lotion to be used as an additional remedy in the treatment of allergic otitis media.
    Does not contain aggressive components, does not oil the skin of the auricle, does not cause allergic reactions.

    Ingredients: glycerin, natural hinokitiol, ethanol, castor oil, lanolin, water-soluble collagen, vitamin E.

    Use: put the required number of drops into the ear. Small dogs and cats 1-5 drops, medium and large dogs 5-9. Massage your ear. Let the animal shake off and wipe with a veterinary wipe. It is advisable to clean the ears once a week.

    Vial: 50ml
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