SHISEIDO Aqualabel EX Cleansing Foam

    AquaLabel EX Shiseido is an anti-aging series based on royal jelly obtained by a special technology by fermentation. Suitable for skin 35 and older.

    Foam cleanser preserves the natural balance of moisture, removes impurities and excess keratin from deep within the pores. Restores tired skin health and elasticity. Normalizes the secretion of fatty glands, tones the skin, improves its elasticity and promotes rejuvenation.

    How to use: Squeeze the paste from the tube into the palm of your hand, add some water and lather well. Gently wash your face with foam, rinse with warm water.

    Composition: glycerin; new generation hyaluronic acid; ginseng extract

    Skin type: Normal skin, mature skin

    Volume: 110g

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