SHISEIDO Adenovital Thinning Shampoo - professional hair care line contains the proprietary Adenosine ingredient, which acts on the hair follicles and stimulates their growth. The shampoo does not cause addiction and side effects, has long been popular as a remedy for hair loss and baldness. SHISEIDO Adenovital works in three directions: makes hair thicker, thicker and grows faster. In addition, it helps to reduce gray hair.

    The effect is cumulative, it becomes noticeable during the first month of use, it is recommended to use shampoo paired with SHISEIDO Treatment scalp Adenovital balm for the scalp and hair.

    The shampoo does not contain silicones, suitable for frequent use. Contains extracts of hops, prickly harrow, Japanese pepper. The shampoo is transparent, with a light neutral smell, it foams gorgeously, contains a little menthol, which refreshes the scalp a little. Perfectly washes hair and scalp, gives basal volume, shine, is not aggressive at all.

    Vial: 250 ml

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