Contains vitamins B2, B6 and E, moisturizing and healing ingredients such as glycyrrhizinate, soy lecithin, camphor. The cream is designed for rough, damaged skin of the hands and feet. It can be used for any other dry flaky skin areas (elbows, knees). The cream quickly heals burrs, cracks, minor scratches and cuts. Softens, nourishes, protects the skin from frostbite, during periods of vitamin deficiency very quickly returns hands to a decent condition.

    The cream does not contain artificial dyes, fragrances, bright yellow color it will receive vitamin B2.

    Use: Best used after bathing, washing dishes by hand and in the morning before going outside, especially in winter. For a greater effect, the cream should be rubbed with massage movements for 1 minute.

    Ingredients: vitamin B2- 0.1 mg, vitamin B6-1 mg, vitamin E- 2 mg, DL-camphor 8 mg.

    Other Ingredients: stearic acid, glycerin, castor oil, hydrogenated soy phospholipids, BG, arginine, purified water.

    Volume: 145g

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