• A delicious dessert that you can cook with your child using only a microwave oven. The cake is easy to prepare, contains natural ingredients and is suitable for children from 1 year old.

      Cooking method:
      • To prepare the biscuit, mix the dry mix from the first carton with 50 ml milk, cook for 90 seconds in the microwave (600W).
      • To make cream - beat 50 ml of milk with dry cream from the second package.
      • Garnish the biscuit with the resulting whipped cream. Use your berries and fruits if you wish.
      Since the ingredients do not contain preservatives, please consume the dessert within one day after preparation.
      • Biscuit mix: vegetable oils and fats (including milk component), sugar, corn syrup, egg yolk powder, dextrin, egg white powder, starch (wheat), thickener, flavor, antioxidant (vitamin E).
      • Whipping Cream Blend: Dextrin, Vegetable Oils & Fats, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Lactose, Milk Protein, Emulsifier, Sodium Caseinate, Flavouring, Antioxidant (Vitamin E).
      Kit includes: Two bags for making biscuit and cream, a mold for making a round cake, a pastry bag for decorating the cake

      Precautions: Individual intolerance to components. Keep out of the reach of children.
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