A jelly obtained from the konjac plant. Konnyaku is a plant with a brown tuber and green leaves. In Japan, konnyaku is consumed for gastronomic purposes and is grown as a food plant.

    Jelly ORIHIRO Konjac is primarily a source of healthy fiber. Once in the stomach, it increases in volume, which contributes to rapid saturation and satiety, and more importantly, konnyaku absorbs harmful substances and removes them from the body, acting as a detox.

    Konnyaku does not contain gluten, sugar, fat, which makes this product ideal for a dietary diet. Recommended for a healthy diet and calorie control.

    Ingredients: High fructose corn syrup, fruit juice (red grape/apple), sugar, mizuame syrup, konjac flour/acidifier, thickener (polysaccharide), sweetener (acesulfame, sucralose)

    Pack of 6 sachets of jelly. 1 sachet is 20 grams of jelly, 14 kcal. Portion sachet opens at the top and jelly is squeezed directly into the mouth.

    Package: 120g

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