A light soup with seafood and wakame seaweed. One serving of soup contains 38 mg of ornithine and 15 kcal, which invigorates the body and helps reduce fatigue after physical exertion.

    Full ingredients: Salt, powdered soy sauce, sugar, lactose, scallop extract, ornithine, shellfish extract, vegetable protein hydrolysate, chicken powder, spices, shellfish extract, chin powder, fish sauce powder, oyster extract, yeast extract, sesame oil, dry hydrangea powder, kelp extract, starch, seaweed, seaweed, sesame, shellfish, green onion, reduced starch syrup, soy sauce, salt, sugar, ginger

    Preparation: Place the contents of one serving in a cup, add about 160 ml of hot water and stir lightly. Soup ready!

    Package: 10 servings
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