Traditional deep-steamed fukamushi sencha Japanese green tea from Kakegawa Prefecture (Shizuoka).

    The taste and aroma of the tea is fragrant, unusual. With notes of the sea, grass, salinity.

    A pack of tea contains 6135 mg of catechin. Tea with a high content of nutrients, very rich. Therefore, it is great for the case when it is not recommended to eat anything dense (for example, before or after a workout). It is enough to brew 2-3 sticks with warm water up to 70-80 degrees in a 500 ml bottle and bring it to training. Easily removes hunger, maintains strength, invigorates.

    Catechin has antioxidant properties and has an antiviral effect. It also protects the body from cancer by preventing cancer cells from developing. In addition, catechin has the ability to lower cholesterol levels, that is, it helps to cleanse blood vessels from cholesterol plaques and improves blood flow throughout the body. According to a number of studies, catechin prevents heart attacks, blood clots, and even heart failure. Catechin also protects the entire body from free radicals and other environmental toxins. Catechin has antioxidant properties 25-100 times stronger than vitamin C.

    Infuse recommendations: Infuse one stick per 200 ml heat -hot water (up to 80 degrees) or cold water.

    Pack: 100 pcs. (0.5g *100) individual sticks

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