Current batch expiration date: June 2022. Six months from the date of packaging is the maximum possible period for algae.

    Algae is a very useful product for the body. They contain all the necessary minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Modern medicine advises including seaweed in the diet of everyone.

    But there is a special kind of seaweed that is more than useful. Brown seaweed mozuku (mozuku, mazuka, mozuka) produced on the resort island of Okinawa in Japan. Almost 90% of this algae is a high molecular weight fucoidan. In order to increase the absorption of fucoidan from this seaweed, it is recommended to add a little vinegar after soaking the seaweed in water. As it has been shown in numerous studies, Okinawan mozuku seaweed contains a record high content of fucoidan, a polysaccharide with strong antitumor properties.

    Fucoidan is almost 90% mozuku kelp.

    Mozuku is usually sold dried on the Internet. We offer you fresh, in sea water, in vacuum packaging. The shelf life of mozuku in this form is limited to 6 months from the date of packaging.

    How to use:Rinse the required amount of mozuku a couple of times in tap water, then drain the water, refill tap water and soak the mozuku for water for 20-30 minutes (or leave to soak overnight) to remove accumulated sea salt, sea smell. After the time has elapsed, drain all the water and season the mozuka with vinegar and soy sauce. Healthy food is ready!

    The recommended daily serving is 30 grams.

    Storage: Unopened packages do not need to be refrigerated. Opened packaging should be stored in a refrigerator or cool place. After opening the package, the shelf life of the product is 15 days. If you do not have time to eat the product in 1-2 weeks, it is better to freeze the algae in small one-time batches. Freezing does not affect the properties of the algae.

    : Already washed mozuku can be stored in the refrigerator for no more than two to three days.

    Production: Okinawa, Japan

    Package: 500 grams

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