MARUTORA Kikurage in three flavors: Spicy, Fishy, ​​Plum - Traditional, very crispy Japanese snack made from marinated kikurage tree mushrooms.

    Kikurage is Japanese for tree jellyfish. Since the mushroom itself grows on a tree and is similar in shape and consistency to the body of a jellyfish. Mushrooms are tasteless, but they are highly valued in Japanese cuisine due to their high content of fiber, vitamin D, iron and calcium. to boiled rice, an additive to a vegetable salad or just a snack for alcohol (sake, beer).

    The set contains three of the most popular pickled kikurage flavors:
    • spicy version in sesame oil,
    • fish flavor with the addition of small fish caviar and
    • Plum flavor with umeboshi (Japanese pickled plum)

    Ingredients (Spicy Kikurage): Soy sauce (including soybeans, wheat), sugar, kikurage, fermented rice seasoning, sesame oil, roasted garlic (garlic, edible oil and fat), boiled vinegar, soy sauce, bonito seasoning, sorbitol, seasoning (Amino acids, etc.), Preservatives (sorbic acid K), sweeteners (stevia), acidifiers

    Ingredients (Fish kikurage): soy sauce (including soybeans, wheat), sugar, kikurage, capelin eggs, fermented rice seasoning, shiso, vinegar, mackerel seasoning, sorbitol, seasonings (amino acids, etc.) , Flavourings, preservatives (sorbic acid K), sweeteners (stevia)

    Ingredients (Plum Kikurage): soy sauce (including soybeans, wheat), sugar, Seasoned Pickled Plums (Plum, Salt, Reconstituted Starch Syrup, etc.), Kikurage, Fermented Rice Seasoning, Bonito Flakes, Vinegar, Bonito Flavored Seasoning, Sorbitol, Seasonings (Amino Acid oty, etc.), acidifier, alcohol, sweeteners (licorice, stevia) ), preservative ( Rubic acid K)

    The set consists of three packs of 190g each: fish kikurage, plum kikurage
    Once opened, refrigerate for up to two weeks.

    Set: 3 packs (190 each) grams)
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