Miso soup with seafood and wakame seaweed. One portion of the soup contains 30 mg of ornithine and 25 kcal, which invigorates the body and helps reduce fatigue after physical exertion.

    Full squad:
    • liquid miso seasoning [rice miso, bean miso, protein hydrolyzate, seafood extract, fermented seasoning, shijimi extract powder, sugar, ornithine hydrochloride, sake alcohol, seasoning (amino acids, etc.)]
    • Dry Seasoning [Wakame, Shijimi, Onion, Reduced Water Candy, Soy Sauce, Salt, Ginger, Seasoning (Amino Acid), Antioxidant (Vitamin E)]

    Preparation method: Put the contents of liquid sachet and dry seasoning into a cup, add about 160 ml hot water and stir lightly. Soup ready!

    Package: 12 servings
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