Produced using the world-renowned and popular Freeze Dry technology (Freeze Dry) - freeze drying. With this technology, the soup retains all the useful and gustatory qualities (95%), and is no different from miso soup from a Japanese restaurant. Enjoy the taste of real miso soup at home, in the office, on the road.

    Miso soup is a traditional Japanese dish, and it is eaten everywhere in the Land of the Rising Sun. Every morning in a Japanese family begins with miso soup. Miso contains a lot of protein, vitamins, trace elements, includes soy isoflavones, saponin and lecithin, which helps lower cholesterol levels. For women, isoflavones are an indispensable product, as they soften the course of menopause. Miso improves digestion and strengthens the human immune system.

    The brewing method is very simple. It is necessary to pour the contents of one package of miso soup with 150 ml of boiling water and let it brew for 10 seconds, stir and it's ready. >includes:
    - miso soup with clams (10 sachets)
    - miso soup with tofu (10 sachets)
    - miso Ulva Seaweed Soup (10 sachets)

    • Miso clam soup (miso extract, bonito, kombu, shellfish, seaweed, onion, antioxidants (VE)
    • miso soup with tofu (miso extract, bonito, seaweed, tofu, onion
    • Miso soup with seaweed (miso extract, bonito, seaweed, ulva seaweed.
    Energy value (per 1 sachet):
    • miso soup with clams (24 kcal, protein 1.4g, fat 0.5g, carbohydrates 3.4g, salt 1.5g)
    • miso soup with tofu (21 kcal, protein 1.1, fat 0.5g, carbohydrates 3.0g, salt 1.2g)
    • miso soup with seaweed (20 kcal, protein 1.1, fat 0.5g, carbohydrates 3.0g, salt 1.3g)
    Pack: 30 bags
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