Gobocha tea, 30 servings - 100% natural no additives, no additives roasted using only high quality and seasonal homemade burdock from Hokkaido

    Burdock roots are traditionally used in Japan for preparation of a tea drink. Burdock roots are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber (inulin) and antioxidants, perfectly cleanse the entire body, especially the blood. The tea soothes the intestinal tract and strengthens the liver.

    Who should include Gobo tea in their diet:
    • suffering from gout and high cholesterol
    • for quick recovery after childbirth, so that mom's milk is tasty and nutritious
    • for lactation mastitis after childbirth
    • for the normalization of metabolism
    • for cleansing the kidneys and ureter
    • for strengthening the liver
    To prepare tea, you need to brew one serving in 200 ml of boiled water.

    Package: 30 individual bags (30*2gr)
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